Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Back to School

Max and I went back to school this morning, along with our daughter Alice.   

Last Easter Alice left her old school, where she had taught for ten years, and began work at a primary school some miles distant.

The school is in a very poor rural area, and has had many changes of staff in recent years.
Alice has been asked to sort out the literacy side of things. 
It is a mammoth job.

Max and I were there just to help sort out the mountains of muddled books,
the task appealed to that part of me
which used to want to be a librarian,
so may years ago!

The books were piled high, 
some in cardboard boxes,
while others were stuffed haphazardly into drawers.
It was total chaos.
I kept getting distracted by the fabulous illustrations
and some brilliant stories,
although others were so politically correct
as to be cringe-making,
while others were unexpected...

(I mean, "The Queen's Knickers" ...shocking!
Another one was called "Pants"...
all very amusing,
but definitely not "Janet and John"
"Marmaduke the Marmalade Cat"
which were the kind of books we read when I was at Infants School.)

I wish I had taken the 'before' photographs,
all I have to show you is the 'after' ones.

So far we have spent three days working on it.
We could really do with at least one more full day,
but that won't happen now
the school reopens in about a fortnight
Alice and her family have yet to go away for a holiday.

At least she can go away happy in the knowledge
that her classroom is up and running,
ready for the new pupils
and the books have finally been organised.
it's over to you.

By the way,
classrooms did not look like this in my day!
I think the most decorative thing then was the 'Nature Table'.

Poppy, this is Alice's new school - how does it compare with schools in China?

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