Map of Little Bunting

Parsonage Cottage is on the outskirts of a small village in Lincolnshire,
Little Bunting.

The village is set in the glorious folds of The Lincolnshire Wolds.
Beautifully undulating hills, trees,
and lush meadows.

Lovely old cottages, grand houses
characterful sagging old barns,
thatched delights
set around delightful dovecots
ancient, splishy-splashy watermills.

Horses clip clop along the bridle ways,
a high-stepping pair of fine horses pull a dainty little carriage
while retired horses lift their heads from cropping the grass
to stare with interest when anyone walks past their paddock.

Alpacas, sheep, pigs, cattle and goats
hens, geese, swans and peacocks
all add to the delight.

Ancient, crumbling ruins,
stately homes,
and patchwork churches
all have tales to tell.

I'd love to share them with you.

Please remember that all words and pictures are copyright to Felicity Parsons.
If you are reading these words anywhere other than on my Felicity Parsons Blogspot, then they have been stolen and I would be grateful if you could inform me so that action may be taken.


  1. The more I read blogs such as yours with such an awesome description of your countryside and life therein the more homesick I am, not necessarily for NZ but for that genuine English life which I have left behind. I suppose I must so 'thank you're, even for the restlessness. Keep on writing!

    1. Hello Linda, Everything I mentioned is to be found very locally. I do love this place and I think perhaps it came through that day.

      Friends who have been lucky enough to visit NZ tell me that it is very much like life in England half a century ago - and they don't mean that to be insulting. I think it sounds wonderful and if I hadn't torn up my passport I would seriously consider a long visit.

  2. Oh the bizarre wanderings of the internet... I follow a comment on a favourite blog (Sarah at Knitting the Wind, NZ), it takes me to Sue (Inklings-House, US), who has a blog-roll, where I click Tales from the Parsonage, and I come here - and you're in Lincs, right where I am! I know the Wolds (ish) having gone to school in Market Rasen. I now live near Grantham. Anyway, hello, and lovely to find your corner of Blogland - not that far from mine!
    I now blog here: having been a Blogger-girl for many, many years!


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