Friday 25 December 2020

A Magical Moment

Happy Christmas!

Twenty-twenty has been somewhat lacking in the joy and 'magic' department, but this morning I had one such moment.

Well before dawn,  I harnessed up Toby Too and headed out towards the village.   I had one last Christmas gift to drop off, a surprise for a friend.   The lane was ankle deep in mud and standing water, but the air was still and cold, no rain, which was a real bonus after so many wet and soggy days.  It felt good to be out and about.

Apart from one or two cottages which had bedroom lights ablaze, the village was in darkness.    No traffic passed, no early morning dog-walkers, just a Tawny Owl hooting and the sheep, across the road, bleating.  It was beautiful.

Mission accomplished, I decided to take a quick walk around Owl Wood, say 'Hello' to Old Toby who is buried in that place which he so loved.      

I had just spoken the words "Hello, old boy" when snowflakes began tumbling from the inky sky.     It was very special, it felt like a reply.  

Things may be very different from normal, but I hope you are able to find a little magic in your day.

Happy Christmas, everyone.