Friday 16 February 2018

Blue Sky Thinking

The hours which I spend walking the dog are never dull.     If the sun is shining and the sky blue then no matter how cold it is I feast my eyes on the countryside and keep a  watch out for hares, rabbits, stoats/weasels (I can never remember which is which)  squirrels and the occasional fox or a deer. 

I scan the hedgerows and the field margins, looking to see what will soon be stretching and unfurling in the late winter sunshine, while the dog investigates all the new scents and trails.   Once in a while he'll run after a pheasant for all of a few yards, just to show me that he could get it if he really wanted.   Mostly he is content to sniff and snuffle around.

Occasionally we come across a dog walker, a horse and rider or,  perhaps, a farmer driving his 4x4,  or a tractor, as he drives around checking on outlying gas guns.    Pleasantries must be exchanged, even if it just a simple wave of the hand, though often it is a full conversation.

Then we can get back to the job in hand.    Toby can go back to exercising his nose and I can let my mind wander while my legs walk and my eyes feast themselves.

If the weather is horrible, especially if it is a day of bone-seeping icy cold wind and rain then  dog walking becomes a real chore which must be endured.    It is  then that I distract myself, from  physical and mental discomfort  by writing blog posts.

My very best posts.   

Such a shame that none of them ever make it onto the blog. 


  1. I laughed when I read about your composing blog posts in your head. That must be something akin to bloggers because I have done that too. I don't know if any of them every made it to the blog either. When we were in Scotland I heard a joke about weasels and stoats in a sermon at Dunblane Cathedral of all places. Then when we were at Kirrimurrie visiting the camera obscura there we got into conversation with the women volunteers and of course they knew the joke too. The punch line is something like a stoat is stoatally different.

    1. I should be able to remember that quite weasally well then Marcia!
      You packed such a lot into your holiday in Scotland. Memory banks filled with happy memories and camera discs bulging with beautiful photographs. Perfect!

  2. I love this. What we can conjure up, when we are able to let our mind wander, free from electronic distraction. The only place for that, is out in nature.

    You have such beautiful nature, in which to wander.

    Happy Chinese New Year! I'm sure your d-i-law will make a wonderful dinner for all of her/your family. Enjoy the Celebration!

    1. You are right, of course. It is that freeing of ones mind, allowing it to roam and explore the byways of our thoughts.

      We have just had the most wonderful Chinese New Year feast with the family, thank you!

  3. As a village walk should! Occasional meetings with friendly locals, a dog to snuff and time to think. Pity the sun doesn't shine every day

    1. Oh, if only it did! There was sunshine today, and even a tiny bit of warmth, it was so uplifting. Everyone I met had a smile on their face.


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