Friday, 14 August 2020

Make Do and Mend

Make do and mend, down on a farm.

Beef cattle enjoying their summer holidays outdoors.   The brown bull is very placid, so are his wives, which is just as well, given the state of that old gate.

Same gate, different angle.   When the cattle are not in residence I use that gate and I can assure you that it is every bit as fragile as it looks!

Another gate, different farm, same farmer.    Here lives a different bull, his wives and their calves.    The next photograph shows them in another part of the field, one hot and very bright morning.

I never walk through these fields when the cattle are in residence, I have alternative routes, so why risk it when I always have a dog with me.   No point in upsetting these happy families.

It has been a strange year.  Already I can see the signs of autumn, parts of Owl Wood pathways are coated in crunchy golden leaves.      The Barn still has the swallows in residence, not sure for how much longer though.

Meanwhile, down at the lovely old watermill they are working very hard, trying to keep things going.

They have been doing takeaway homemade pizza's and burgers and special weekend breakfasts.  They have had to abandon their usual indoor tearooms and have set up a large marquee outside so that visitors can eat cake and drink coffee in socially distanced, Covid-safe ways.

Fingers crossed for decent weather this evening, they are also hosting their first outdoor cinema event of the year.   Pre-booked tickets, social distancing, etc.   The gable side of this building has a 6 metre screen and they have enough space to accommodate 80 people with safety and compliance.  Food and drinks will also be available.

The last I heard, they had sold every ticket; now they just need the weather to stay dry and the staff to turn up.     They work hard and I wish them every success.