Wednesday 12 June 2024

How to Lose Weight without Dieting

Lose weight without dieting?  
How is that possible?  
Get yourself a puppy!

Sweet, cuddly, adorable?   Absolutely!  

My little tyke is all of those things, but he is also hell-bent on trying to kill himself.  

He snatches at daisies, lavender, buttercups and, generally, any flowers he can reach.  He is also rather partial to munching on big chunks of moss, snatching up twigs, sticks, large pebbles, small pebbles,  pheasant droppings, hedgehog poop and tiny fallen apples, cat name but a few forbidden delights. 

The cats have been very clever.  They spent the first few days steering clear of him at all times, however, they simply observed.    Then they took action, deliberately taunting him, secure in the knowledge that they can simply turn around and hiss angrily at him, or jump out of reach.  This stops him in his tracks and he romps back to me.

Everything Winston does is done at pace, of course!  So I have spent much of the last couple of weeks charging around in hot pursuit, ready to scoop him up to remove him from danger.  

I have begun training him and he is very receptive, except when he is not!  

He takes several naps throughout the day - for which I am truly thankful, for young Winston has turned our peaceful lives upside down.  The gardens and the house have all been zoned into accessible/safe-ish areas.  Thank goodness we have internal stable doors for when the cats require feeding, but Winston is awake and on the prowl.  

'See it, eat it!' is his motto.

Organised chaos.  Long days and short nights.  My house and garden are constantly evolving as we strive to make them reasonably puppy-safe.     Luckily, he is easily distracted by a squeaky toy, or a thrown ball.  But, he doesn't forget, he goes back for more fun later.  

I adore the little chap, but I am worn out.  

Most of it is down to Winston, but there have been other things going on at the same time - our dear DiL, MingMing, was in hospital in Shanghai for a week.   Thankfully, all is well, but it was a worrying time.  At the same time, our oldest grandson has been/is doing his GCSE exams, which means that often a lift to/from school is necessary.   The school bus is generally pretty good, but it doesn't always arrive on time and no one needs the extra stress of that before an examination.

As for the title of this post - well, Winston has been with us a little under three weeks and I have shed half a stone.  An unexpected benefit, but I'll take that.

His latest bit of mischief?  The safest area of the garden (newly fenced, especially for him) also happens to contain the old hurdy-gurdy washing line, a horrible contraption, but useful.  This morning just after I had pegged out a wash load, young Mr Winston came along and pulled one or two of the longer articles off the line.

Another job to add to the 'To Do' list.  Buy a new washing line and site it in another area of the garden, out of Winston's reach.    Meanwhile, the vegetable beds have now all been enclosed in new fencing because Winston has show a great desire to get stuck into them.  The polytunnel has some old fly-screen doors pressed back into use to act like stable doors and prevent him from getting in and poisoning himself with the tomato plants, etc.

He keeps us on our toes!

I haven't had any time to read your blog posts or do any of my usual internet reading.  This post has been typed up over several days, so apologies if it is a complete mess.  No time to correct anything.  Winston is finally asleep and I need to get some food organised for when the school bus brings the grandchildren home.

Bye for now.


  1. Replies
    1. I hardly dare say it but, today has been slightly easier. Mischief, but nothing awful. Phew!

  2. Happy days! A puppy is like a super-charged toddler.

    1. They really are happy days, jabblog. Exhausting, but filled with love.

  3. Winston is a major operation. Thank goodness you love him. How long does the bouncy stage last? Lol until it doesn't I guess

    1. I daren't think that far ahead, Linda! He has been busy today, but not quite so determined to wreak havoc. He fell asleep just a few minutes ago...bliss!

  4. He looks quite wonderful. Just like a baby--thank goodness for the occasional nap.

    1. That wonderfully wrinkled brow of his and his solemn expression and doleful eyes make it impossible for me to be cross with him.

  5. I feel your (happy) chaos! Typical lab!

    1. How on earth can one little pup cause so much of it? Now that his legs are growing longer, his reach has increased so he wants to sample more things!

  6. Whew! What a time of it! Winston is a bit more active than I think his namesake ever was. I had to look up how much a stone is in pounds to learn how much you've lost. Wow! 7 pounds! I could use that loss but no puppy in my future.

    1. We thought we would be busy with him but it has been considerably more so, Marcia. Just as well we absolutely love the little chap!

  7. Oh wow, how I remember the lab puppy days from our golden girl who will be 4 this year.......and funnily enough, I've gained weight now that she is finally calming down........Winston is Labradorable!
    Alison in Wales x

    1. Hello Alison, no doubt this weight loss is temporary, too! Things are beginning to calm down, just occasional mayhem, and the nights are still to short! He and the cats are definitely brokering some sort of deal, dare I say that I think we are getting there?

  8. Oh wow...I could do with losing a quick half stone...having just tried on the dress I've bought for sons wedding in just over a puppy here though so I'm going to have to get very strict with myself! Enjoy the little scamp...'tis but a short journey to adulthood and beyond.

    1. Your son's wedding must be a great motivator. I wish the happy couple all the very best and hope that you all have a marvellous time. I have no doubt that you will look splendid, so enjoy the day, WER. Winston is coming on in leaps and bounds - discarding his old ways, and finding new/naughtier ones!!

  9. It's good to hear that he is bringing you pleasure (and weight loss!), but gosh, they are a pickle at that stage of their lives, and quite a challenge to their loving owners. He looks a sweetheart.

    1. He has the most adorable old man wrinkles (says this old woman with wrinkles!) and such a doleful expression, that it makes it difficult to be cross for more than a moment, BB. Mind you, when he sneaked under an armchair, wriggled around a side table and managed to silently chew the spine off a book...

  10. Sounds a typical Lab. See it, eat it. He is adorable thank goodness for the naps.

    1. As I type this, he is trying to gnaw on his non-spill drinking bowl - no doubt he regards it as surplus to requirements because he prefers the low-level bird water bowl under the apple tree... I have just given him a section of red deer antler to gnaw on, that has distracted him for the moment, though he is eyeing up the wooden doorframe now.

  11. Honey I feel for you.
    I lost my 10 year old American bulldog last February. I was truly heartbroken.
    In September I got a baby American bully.
    She was so adorable people wanted her every where I took her. All pink and white with wrinkles .
    My husband said he didn't think we should get her because we are older.
    They are high energy dogs, stubborn, intelligent and that makes them a challenge to train.
    Within two weeks she had tackled me in the garden,grabbed my cane and ran off with it. It was just the best chew stick ever!
    Next she tore my finger open playing tug with her toy.
    Three trips to the ER in two weeks.
    She ran about eating anything that could poison her. It's amazing the amount of plants that are toxic to dogs!
    Eating deer poop,cat poop, dead frogs,live frogs.
    Anything but puppy food.
    Drinking pond water,puddle water any water from a watering can.
    Climbing in my bed to be snuggled at night.
    Waking us up multiple times a night with diarrhea from eating dead frogs .
    We went without sleep for months.
    Training here, grooming her.
    It's been rough.
    She just turned eight months old.
    Now over seventy pounds she's convinced she's still five pounds.
    Walking around with a shocked look on her face when she can't fit into the places she used to.
    It's a joy to watch her eyes light up when a dragon fly landed on her head.
    Watching her invent new games to play with her toys.
    Climbing in my lap because she's positive she is a lap puppy.
    Hang in there all your work will pay off.
    You're so right about weight loss and
    All the exercise you get.

    1. Hello Savannah, welcome! Goodness, me, that all makes the size of my problems seem pretty puny in comparison. Your 'lap' puppy sounds absolutely adorable, I loved your description of her antics and can well imagine her puzzlement when she can't fit into spaces! The running around has actually been very good for me, the most stressful bit is having to keep watch for those oh, so delicious and tempting, toxic treats which they seem to be able to find so easily.
      We have had young Winston for three weeks, a very intensive three weeks. Things are starting to become a little easier, in some ways. I remembered that one of my previous dogs had found a properly fitted soft harness to be a comfort and calming, so I got one for Winston. The transformation has been amazing, he still does everything, and enjoys everything, but he is calmer, more receptive and is making good progress with the very basic training I am giving him.
      I still need more sleep, and we definitely need to spend more time getting him used to the sound of household appliances, blenders, vacuum cleaner, etc. but I do have hope now that life will return to some sort of normality, but completely enhanced by this wonderful little canine companion of mine.
      Thank you so much for your wonderful comment.


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