Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Summer Quarters

So, the sun has come out to play!   We can remove a few layers of clothes and abandon the thick socks - until next week, probably.   We'll enjoy it while we can.

This is the view as I take my daily walk up to the dovecote and through the farmyard.   It is like walking through a John Constable painting.

Meet Bill, he belongs to a friend in the village.   He is a lovely old dog (about 11/12 years old) but his owner can't walk him at the moment due to health problems, so I have the pleasure of taking him out.   It is like walking a feather on the lead compared to walking my big bruiser,

Dobson who is doing his best to look slim in this photograph.    He is sporting his favourite neckerchief and wearing yogurt on his nose - he loves sneaking a lick out the empty yogurt pot!

And (I know, I know!)  here is home, Parsonage Cottage, seen from a distance,  across the barley field.      I am stepping back from the world of blog, just for the summer.

Life is busy and time is short.

Instagram is something I have been exploring and I think the short and snappy format will probably be easier for me at the moment.   I'll still be reading blogs, dropping the occasional comment.   Back in the cooler months, when life has settled down a bit.

(For anyone who does do instagram: this link should take you to my IG page  otherwise known as parsonage_cottage_kitchen)

Have a wonderful summer.


  1. Look forward to when you come back again. Have a warm and happy summer.

  2. Have a lovely summer, will miss your blog

  3. I'll miss your blog as it is a favorite of mine. "Happy summer".

  4. My heart goes out to the people of the UK, this morning. Because of another horrible Radical Islamist Terror attack, this time in Manchester.

    Yes, I have an (mostly unused) IG. With which I follow a few lovely British IG's. I have your link, thank you.

    Enjoy your summer.

    Many gentle hugs,
    Luna Crone

  5. I will be looking at your instagram!!!! See you soon! Hopefully I will be in a new house then. If you want to see mine. Pop over to my blog and leave the email address that you log into your blog with, I will add it to my invite list for when I put the pictures up. I wont publish it. I will add it and then you will be able to view with out the whole world seeing the pictures, just the blog friends I invite! Have a fab summer!!!!!!!! lets hope it is a good one

  6. This is a busy time of year. I know absolutely nothing about Instagram..I've just recently learned how to have a blog. :) You live in a beautiful spot. Love seeing your cottage way way across the field. Have a wonderful summer!

  7. Enjoy your hiatus from blogging. I'll keep you in my blog roll and look forward to seeing a new post come fall.

  8. Linda, Sue, Deb, Luna, Sol, Henny Penny, Marcia, Thank you. I'll be back because I really enjoy blogging - but family, home and other commitments are on the increase right now. something has to give. I'll be flitting around, dropping in for a quick chat here and there, as time permits. I hope you all have a wonderful summer. See you in the autumn.xx

  9. A Bill good name to call him. Intagram is something I steer clear of and enjoy you summer months just don't forget to blog now and then

    1. Hello Bill - yes, and for once I am using a real name! He is a lovely little dog. Don't worry, I'll return in the autumn when things quieten down a little. I will still be reading blogs and keeping in touch. I hope you have a lovely summer.


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