Tuesday, 22 September 2020

When Two and Two Don't Add Up

 The doorbell gave a soft "Ting" sound, so Toby gave his deep rumbly bark and raced outside to see who had dared to ring it.    I reluctantly followed and walked down to the front gate, only to find the man who sold us a lovely old country cottage, some two decades ago.    He and his wife were in the area and had decided to call in.

We hadn't seen or heard from them in several years, so it was something of a surprise, but we hid it well, I think!   We chatted away, caught up on their family news, gave them ours.

Then the real reason for the surprise visit came out, they had read a newspaper notice to the effect that I had died.   The cutting gave my name and my husband's name, they were upset to think that I had gone.

That's the trouble with names, Elaine was quite popular, back in the fifties - same with my husband's name.  Our surname is also a local one, even though my husband's family are actually from the Newcastle area.   

I am glad to say that two and two didn't make four in this case!

My sympathies to the other family, of course.


  1. Whew Elaine!!! What a coincidence!! Would it be possible to contact that newspaper for them to rectify their mistake? If the surnames are the same I understand the error but couldn't they reprint and add the location of the deceased.This might happen again!! Good of those people to visit but I expect it was a bit of a shock to see you!! Difficult situation!! Dear Elaine,I am pretty sure that I posted a comment to your last post but I don't see it there....strange. :-) keep well Amanda x

  2. Bet they were pleased to see you still in the land of the living! and so were you!

    Who was it who said he read the obits everyday just to make sure he wasn't mentioned?

  3. We get a lot of that around here, same names, exactly. I don't see it as any mistakes it is just the way it is. Local people get to know by the jungle drum and that's what matters.

  4. Good for them. I would be upset to think you gone, too.

  5. If they had thought you'd died what were they expecting to find at your home?
    My husband had something similar happen to him but it was all done by email. He was listed as deceased somewhere on an internet listing and a friend inquired through many channels to find out for sure. He wasn't and in fact tomorrow is his 70th birthday!

  6. Glad it wasn't true. It happened to my mother in law the newspaper reported that her husband had been killed in the Gulf war and contacted her. Thankfully the mix up was sorted very quickly.

  7. Good to know you are still alive and kicking the pair if you. At the very least no one will come knocking here to see if one Lindy Lou or Lettice Leaf has died. With a surname like ours are you surprised Elaine?


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  9. I suspect it would have been your visitors who received the biggest surprise when you opened the door. X

  10. Did they laugh when they found out the truth? How lovely they must have thought of you to bother going to pass their condolences on to your husband though. x


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