Friday, 4 September 2015

A Kitchen Supper

I'm please to report that the roasted garlic bread turned out really well.   The garlic is roasted before being added to the dough, so the taste is a lot more mellow than traditional garlic bread.    It males a great accompaniment to the pea and ham soup - almost any soup, really.   I got the recipe from James Morton's  book 'Brilliant Bread'.

The pea and ham soup was perfect for such a chilly day - although true to form, the weather is now forecast to turn milder.   Luckily I have a freezer and plenty of suitable containers.   It will make for some easy suppers later in the year.

Perhaps Max's favourite part of supper was the apple pie (I also made an apple and blackberry one), it was rich and crumbly,  the pastry was a new recipe to me (Dan Lepard's soft crust apple pie click for recipe) the dough was pretty tricky to work with, but the end result was well worth all the effort.

Again, plenty of slices of pie left to go into the freezer!

I am delighted with how it all turned out - and even more thrilled that so many portions will be frozen, meaning that I'll be able to cook less sometimes, thank goodness, have you gathered that I don't really enjoy cooking.?  ;)

Tomorrow I'll be going out harvesting the hedgerows, which means that I'll be seeing this beautiful little cottage, as I drive to our favourite patch of elderberries.

Just as well we didn't indulge in too much of this (elderflower champagne) made early in the year with the elderflowers, otherwise there wouldn't be any berries for the more winteyr drink...

...elderberry rob, said to help fight/protect you from the dreaded 'flu.     It is a deep, rich and spicy concoction, perfect to sip on a cold evening.     I'll give you the recipe in the next couple of days.

Have a good weekend.

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