Saturday, 5 September 2015

Saturday at Parsonage Cottage

(This post is for Miles and Poppy in Shanghai.)

While I stayed home and tried to get on with a few household chores,  Max went down to your cottage to check on things - all was well down there.     No sooner had I got the hoover out, than Alice brought young Merry across, to borrow some eggs for making a cake...  which was not a problem as the hens keep us well supplied.  

The problems was that Merry decided she'd rather stay with Gran than go home!

How could I resist?   The housework won't run away, but little girls grow up and change.

After lunch Max and I went out to pick our first batch of elderberries.   We got two large carrier bags full.   That's plenty to get going, we'll get more through the week.  

Can you see the large plastic bowl on the table - that's about half the haul, they have been cleaned and stripped from the stalks.  Max is busy working on the rest.

Ha!   Just looking at that photograph of the kitchen shows me that I really should have a tidy round next time I decide to post a picture.    Poppy, can you see Miss Pinkerton?   She is curled up on my chair, next to the Rayburn.    It has been another cold day - cold, as in there is a very cold wind blowing.

This is where we went to pick the elderberries, right up on the Lincolnshire Wolds,  just across the A16 and around the corner from these old ruins..

another mile down the road we passed this wonderful church..

which has a fascinating churchyard and also has a door which was rescued from the ruined church.    I'll tell you the story and share the photographs some other time.

There was one more wonderful surprise for today.   As I was photographing the beautiful old ruins I became aware of the sound of an old aeroplane.  

I grabbed a couple of quick shots.   Max identified it for me, it's a Dakota.   Perhaps there was an air show on somewhere.  

Right, enough for today.   I have to get sterilising some bottles and brewing some rob.   Recipe to follow tomorrow.


  1. I love your kitchen. I really like the cupboard on the right that fits the sloping ceiling

  2. The cupboard door hides a rather boring hot water cylinder and heating pump. The door isn't often opened, so I have my armchair in front of it, you can tell it's a cosy spot because the cats sleep there most of the time.


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