Saturday, 23 April 2016

After School Activities

At 4pm (almost precisely!) each afternoon the school bus leaves Hector at The Old Parsonage.   He scrambles off the bus, takes hold of  Dobson's lead and then they race each other to the kitchen door, ending up in a breathless tangle.

School bag and dog lead are exchanged for a treat for the hens and they both head off for Owl Wood.

The girls wait at the gate; they soon get into a routine when they associate it with a treat.  The large white hen is Suzy, the pretty grey one is Dusty.   Dusty is a dreamer, often lags a long way behind the others, so we always keep some treats back for her.

Queen Mab, Leonie, Frankie and Shaggy are quick to join in the feasting, Dobson watches enviously, but has great respect for chicken-beaks, he knows they won't hesitate to go for him if he gets too close.

Hector quickly reverses his little electric car out of the lean-to garage, at the side of the hen-house, and off he goes driving around the woodland, singing away to himself.

An ebay bargain find, several years ago, that little car has brought so much fun to all the grandchildren.  

A few turns around the woodland and it is time for tea.  

Yesterday, being Friday, was a special tea.  I forgot to photograph it, but I had filled a two-tier cake stand with sandwiches and tiny homemade cakes.   I wondered whether it would be too girly for Hector, but no, he loved it.

Sandwiches, cakes and several glasses of milk were thoroughly enjoyed.   Then he and Grandpa went back into the woodland, one to have fun, the other to clean out the hen-house.

Shortly afterwards Frankie came back from her nursery school and informed me that there was a baby rabbit's head and some bits of mouse out on the patio...

..Coco has been at it again.

Cowslip Cottage is really starting to take shape, we shall be working down there again today.    Your lawns could do with a cut but the rain is falling so I won't be doing that job today.


  1. That is one of the few things I dislike about cats--they are great hunters! This morning there were two dead baby rabbits next to my patio. The stray cat we adopted last year is taking all the prey that the wild animals should have and it distresses me. But, kitties do like to snuggle and purr and they are so lovely to look at.

    1. Hello Ms Sparrow, I totally agree. I love the soft and cuddly side of them and they are great characters. Coco is a real killing machine, but she was completely feral and even after all these years she still reacts like a feral cat and will hide outside in the rain rather than meet any guests we may have visiting. We should feel honoured that she graces us with her company and empties the food bowls, sleeps indoors and shares her fleas. Miss Pinkerton was only feral for a relatively short time, she is not a great hunter but loves to play with the mice which Coco brings home for her. Older Coco seems quite 'motherly' towards her.


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