Saturday, 16 April 2016

Busy Times

This has been the busiest of times, and will continue to be so.   Poppy and Miles are returning to England and Cowslip Cottage must be made ready for the beginning of July.   Eeek and double eeeek!  Bare plaster, no skirting boards, electric wiring still being done, doors to be rehung, heating almost completed, the list goes on and on.

I am decorator in chief.   Not my favourite job, but certainly the only one I am qualified to do.  I have decorated many homes over my 62 years.    It may be a cottage but it has large rooms, quirky rooms, I quake at the thought of how many square meters of wall and ceiling I must paint.  I have to paint them all at least four times.  Joy!

So, Parsonage Cottage and gardens are being neglected as Max and I work to get Cowslip Cottage finished in time.  It is so exciting, we are thrilled at the thought of them living there, just a ten minute drive from our more need for Skype conversations!

I fear that the vegetable garden and the polytunnel will not be bringing forth their bounty this year.   We couldn't mind less, though.  We are both so excited and happy to be able to get things ready for Poppy and Miles as they begin this new chapter in their married life.

Meanwhile, in between my decorating jobs, I have been spending a lot of time at home nursing my poorly little granddaughter, Merry.   She spent a couple of days flaked out on the sofa, having to be coaxed to take fluids.  Luckily, a couple of days of rest and care have seen her bounce back with that enviable resilience of youth.

She was so well yesterday that I decided to let her do some baking.

Jam tarts, of course.   All made with love for Mummy, Daddy and Hector.    Like most children she loves to get her hands stuck into mixing and then rolling pastry, carefully measuring out the jam and baking.  She also enjoys eating the results of her labours.

We also managed to take Miss Pinkerton and Dobson to the vet, to have their annual booster and health check.   Silly Dobson had to be muzzled after he almost bit off the vet's stethoscope... oh the shame!     They have tried so many ways to make the experience a good one, but each time Dobson ends up almost eating someone.   He no longer has to go and wait inside, they come out to the car park and vaccinate him as they pass by...!

Crazy, but it works.    Just as well he enjoys good health.

Max took Miss Pinkerton in for her check up - she was so relaxed that she was almost asleep.


  1. How exciting that your son and daughter-in-law are coming back! I look forward to seeing photos of the work you're doing in their cottage.

    1. Hello Ms Sparrow, The cottage is finally beginning to come together, but there is still a lot of work to be crammed into the next couple of months. I am so looking forward to seeing Poppy's face when she sees it for the first time. I'll post photographs as soon as I have the first room looking half-decent!


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