Thursday, 25 August 2016


I spent this morning with Poppy and 'Boy'.  

He is settling in to his new life in the country.   Enjoying all the freedom of a large cottage with occasional forays into the gardens.

All that stimulation and exercise often leave him needing a midday nap.

My own two girls, Coco and Miss Pinkerton, gave me quite a hard stare when I got back home.

Cat beds are for wimps, they said.


  1. Aww, love that big fluff ball and his cute little bed.

  2. how adorable are all of those cats. love boys bed

    1. Hi Sol, I'm afraid my girls spurn their real cat beds - one prefers an old wooden fruit bowl, the other likes a wicker trug. They also like armchairs, sofa's or anywhere other than their designated cosy, comfortable, cat beds. Boy was so happy when the boxes finally arrived from China and he got his bed again. He's not rough and ready like my girls, he likes his comfort - and why not?


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