Sunday, 4 September 2016

I'm a Tigerrrrrrrrr.........., grrrrrrrrrrrrr

Just a couple of months have passed since this sweet and cuddly cat left behind his life as an apartment cat in Shanghai and now he has blood on his lips.  He is in touch with his true instincts.

At first he was a little overwhelmed by having such a big cottage as his new home but he quickly adapted and made the place his own.  

The large windows to the rear of the place gave him a wonderful view of the wildlife which visit the garden - squirrels, rabbits, cats, mice and lots of birds, as well as the enormous bull, his many wives and offspring who graze the parkland beyond.    A kind of wildlife television channel without ad breaks, just food, play and snooze, then back to watching.

Now this fluffy puss-cat has caught his first mouse - and he didn't catch it in the house...   He brought it in with him, then couldn't understand why he got chased outside again.

"But I caught it for you"

"Waa-aah, let me in!"

Feline instincts.

I wonder how many generations of his family have been purely indoor cats.   He has the best of both worlds.    He's just got to learn that some gifts are not acceptable indoors.

Good luck with that one, Poppy and Miles!

ps  Poppy, thank you for the photographs.


  1. Very photogenic cat! Love the last one

    1. He's really making the most of his new life - he's a country boy at heart!
      Goodness knows what will happen when he meets the local cats.

  2. adorable! All the way from China... he must be so happy!

  3. At least Boy killed it and didnt half kill it to play with. Good for Boy keeping the vermin down

  4. Hello Sol, The call of the wild has added a whole new dimension to his life. I hate what cats do with birds, rodents, rabbits - we've tried rescuing them but it rarely works out. I've learned to not look, though I frisk them before they come in - remember the one they brought in as a pet!

  5. He is a great big fluff ball with enormous eyes, you wouldn't think he was a killer cat at all. His English is coming on a treat; he greets me very nicely these days! Millie sends her love, btw.


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