Thursday, 20 October 2016

Fun and Games with Angels, Pickles and a Mince Pie Bake-Off!

The nights are drawing in and I am fighting my natural inclination to go into hibernation mode.   

This is made worse because the two cats and Dobson seem determined to wake me early each morning.  Yesterday was even worse than normal as Dobson's frantic scratching at the kitchen door got me out of bed at 5am.       

Naughty Miss Pinkerton had brought a mouse into the house and was throwing it around with glee.   No amount of first aid could help it.

Last night I myself forced to get out of my cosy nest to go along to the chilly village hall, for a meeting.    

The Little Bunting Village Hall Committee had been asked to meet the Dovecote Dell Church Committee, in order to hash out some plans for a Christmas Bazaar.   I know this will send some people over the edge, talking about Christmas in October!   Well it has to be done if people are to be entertained and fed, funds raised and the heart of the village kept beating.

The event will only last for two hours, which should give us just about enough time to create a little jollity, spread the word about other events and raise some funds for both causes.

The chill in the village hall soon receded and we got down to some serious discussions and planning.        It was also felt that we needed something which would provide an element of fun and entertainment, without making people feel that they were simply being 'fleeced' of all their cash...

Ideas and suggestions were bounced around, nothing seemed quite right until we decided to tap into a rich seam of real energy and enthusiasm.

Little Bunting folk have a dark secret - they are very competitive when it comes to baking...

Image is jamie oliver mince pies,
borrowed from his website.

Drum roll........   Our new event is a Mince Pie Bake-Off!    

We hope that some keen local bakers will roll up their sleeves and enter a dozen home made mince pies, bearing in mind that it is highly unlikely that they will get any of them back.   

The idea is that they are to be blind-tasted,  judged and then voted for by the public.     I haven't quite worked out the finer details yet, but I hope the local bakers, especially well known food blogger, Dominic of Belleau Kitchen,  will pull on their aprons, take up their wooden spoons and enter their yummy mince pies.

Also on offer will be a raffle for three beautiful hampers, home made pickles, crafts,  angels, games, tombola and let us not forget that there is a beautifully decorated Christmas Cake waiting to be won.    

Save a little room from sampling all those mince pies though, because refreshments will be available at the back of the hall.

Cue the dancing angels!


  1. Christmas bazaars do require lots of forward planning and yours sounds like so much fun and good food!
    Love those dancing angels!

    1. Hi Christine, Hopefully, there will be something for everyone. Who'd have thought there was so much fun to be had with a few old pegs, some scraps of fabric and a bit of paint!

  2. You make it sound an idyllic place to live, which I don't feel our village is

    1. Hello Bill, We have our moments! Luckily, we live right on the outskirts of this tiny village, so we miss out on all the drama and tensions. Sorry to hear that your village is not as you would wish it...I'll let you know when the next house comes up for sale! ;-)

  3. Yeh. Mince pie competition. Hopefully I'll be tasting some of those at the Anglican bazaar in Athens in a few weeks. All helps to get you in the right mood for the big event

    1. Hello Linda, I hope you find some wonderful ones to sample. Somehow I think that bazaar is going to be a much grander event than the one we are staging! Have fun.

      I was moving some of my old books around the other day and found an old book about Greek cookery. When things quieten down I must have a read and see what I can cook from it. Meanwhile, thank you for that much needed shot of sunshine, beauty and humour on your latest post!


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