Monday, 17 April 2017

A Rare Sight

I adore seeing all my family together; it is a rare enough event to have them all in the same country, never mind in the same house, at the same time.   This weekend we all came together for a family meal and the annual Easter Egg Hunt in Owl Wood.

Normally I manage to avoid being photographed.   Phone cameras are sneaky, Poppy caught me on hers.  

So here I am.   No makeup, scruffy jeans and jumper, dog walking coat, Wellies.    The real me.     It was the closing stages of the great Easter Egg Hunt.

Three trails had been laid, three maps handed out.   The routes were graded for difficulty, according to the age of the child.   Two children like chocolate, one doesn't.   Nothing is ever simple in our house!

The children had a great time, so did the adults.

Afterwards, the young ones had a celebratory drive around the wood.

Our second-youngest grandson achieved one of his ambitions.   He got to drive the little green car.   His legs were just long enough to reach the pedals.   The centre bottom picture in the collage shows his Mama hanging on to the back of the car, terrified as her speed-merchant three-year old ran into tree after tree...  

She hung on to the back of that car like a superhero!   A mama hen protecting her chick.   (Grandpa had it all in hand, there was no danger.)
The youngling thought he had driven like a proper driver and wanted to drive their real car home to London.   Luckily, his legs don't reach those pedals, yet.

Next year this little one will want a basket and some chocolate eggs, but just for now he is content to sit on Grandpa's knee.


  1. "The Real You" is delightful, and lovely, and looks very approachable. Beautiful hair! Thank you Poppy, for "sneaking" this photo!!!!! :-)

    Sweet family photos. Of memories made.

    Oh my, one 'Grand' who does not like chocolate. What a lucky child!!! Think of all the calories and sat fat, he/she will avoid, in life!!! :-)

    Oh that driver! -clapping hands- I remember before, when he had to "just-ride." But now, he can reach the peddles. Poor Mama! I can see the worry on her face. Even though Grandpa had it all in hand.

    Gentle Spring-time blessings,
    Luna Crone

  2. Hello Luna, I felt for my poor DiL but we knew how much that little man had wanted to drive the car. I am so glad she permitted it, despite her fears for him. He was as happy as a dog with two tails, as my father would have said!

    I must admit that when I first saw that photograph my immediate instinct was to delete it, like all the others over the years. I recoil in horror when I see myself, but it is the real me. I am at my happiest like this so I decided to face my fears, too! See what influence you have? Thank you!

    1. ps Re the chocolate thing - our oldest grandson has never liked it and his sister doesn't eat much either (she prefers gherkins!) however, she still wanted to hunt chocolate eggs. My husband is the real chocoholic. I had to hide the chocolate eggs from him!

  3. You have some wonderful family traditions, and some very happy children. Wonderful photos of you ALL. Thanks for show and tell . Looks very English and peaceful to me

    1. Hello Linda, They all had a wonderful time - took us two oldies two days to recover from all the hard work though. That tiny bit of woodland leads quite an adventurous life!

  4. So fun. Love the colourful foil-wrapped eggs. The grands surely enjoyed themselves. And it looks like you had the perfect weather. We had a great time in our little woods, too. Magical places those wee woods. :)

    1. Hello Deb, We decided to make things more difficult for the oldest grandson - keep the eggs plain so they were more difficult to find. In previous years he has romped miles ahead of the others and then got bored. This way he finished at the same time.
      I really enjoyed seeing the photographs of your grandchildren on their hunt, so much innocent pleasure. I know you enjoy feeding their memory banks as much as i enjoy doing it for my grands. Thinking of you and Annie.x

  5. Cor you can see who your some takes after, spitting image of dad. Yo are lucky having a wood to have an Easter egg hunt in

    1. Hello Bill, Yes, no one can blame the milkman!

      That little bit of woodland has brought more fun and games to our family than any garden, it allows our young grandchildren the kind of freedom which (unfortunately) others can only dream of. We are very lucky!


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