Sunday, 25 October 2015

Been through the Woods on a Horse with Two Names

The horse with two names lives in our little patch of woodland.

To young Merry he is  Arnold
and he is as real as the old horse who lives up the road, Benedict.

Hector, however, calls him Galahad.
As far as he is concerned he is merely a steed  to carry him 
into battle.

Arnold/Galahad is a wonderful creation,
made from an old tyre and rope.

He has lived in the woodland for several years.

Today he has been given a change of scene,
a new location within the woodland.

An area which is normally
free from nettle growth.
Nag plead for long enough and things get done

It didn't take long before daredevil Merry was trying to perfect
her 'Frankie Dettori' (the Italian jockey) dismount.

Then she and Dobson went off for a little stroll.

Of course no day would be complete without a visit to this old boy.
Apples, carrots, polo mints
were accepted gratefully.

Merry is fascinated by him
and would spend all day there
somehow I don't think he would object
for he seems equally fascinated by her.
His normal playfulness disappears
and he become
very gentle.

*      *      *

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