Friday, 23 October 2015

October Flowers from Cowslip Cottage

We went to check on your cottage this morning - the builders are doing a brilliant job!   At long last work has begun, which is very exciting.

I was more interested in seeing how the gardens have fared.

You can imagine my surprise when I found these flowers out there.   The yellow roses have a wonderful perfume almost like honey.

Part of me wanted to leave them to do their own thing, but I gave in to the impulse to pick them so that I could enjoy them for a few days.    Can you see the cat paws on the photograph?  That's little Miss Pinkerton, she can't resist a camera.

Remember that beautiful dark pink climbing rose which grew up back of the cottage?   I was so upset when Max chopped it down.   Well, the brilliant news is that it has started to grow again.   Fingers crossed that it survives, I know you will love it Poppy.

I am about to spend a couple of hours tidying up my patio pots, cutting the plants back and putting them into the polytunnel for the winter.  

One sad piece of news, I had a telephone call yesterday, Apple the little hedgehog has died.   So silly to feel sad over one little hoglet, but I do.     I know that Elaine at Hedgehog Care worked very hard to save him; she thought he was going to make it but yesterday he lost the fight.


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