Saturday, 25 February 2017

Celebrations on Little Bunting's Village Green

First of all, a big thank you for all the suggestions, they were very helpful.

The weather has been unremittingly dull and grey and a strong wind has been blowing, almost as though Storm Doris is being tailed by her mischievous little sister Ermentrude.    Dobson didn't enjoy his walks, the hens are still complaining about their confinement, and the two cats have spent much of the day in the armchair next to the Rayburn.   Sensible cats.

As I have mentioned previously, Little Bunting has a tiny village hall.    Our village green, however,  is very large and underused.     It is so big that only certain sections of it are mowed, the rest is left to become a haven for wild flowers and wildlife.

There are lots of reasons why it is underused, one being that it is hidden away down a small green lane which leads between two houses, a long way (perhaps 100 yards or more which makes it difficult to run back and forth with teapots, etc) from the village hall.   Then there is the English weather...

These photographs were taken during our village Queen's Jubilee celebrations, back in 2012.  It was a dry day but the wind was cold.  

People were seeking out the sunny corners, trying to get warm.  

Unexciting photographs, but I think you can see that our village green is very spacious.  Such a shame that it is not located next to the village hall, for that is far too small.    Frustrating.   At one time there was talk of turning it into allotments for those villagers who don't have large gardens, but that plan fell through.

The green is surrounded by houses, they back onto it, keeping it safe and hidden.   I imagine there are many people who simply don't know it exists.  

On those rare occasions when the green is used, we decorate it with miles of bunting, of course!

A few of us moved on to continue the celebrations in a beautiful cottage in Dovecote Dell

where we were treated to champagne, nibbles, and lots of cake.

We had a marvellous time.

This is the view from the front garden, how beautiful is that?   The gardens were filled with flowers and fragrance and by this time the cold wind had dropped.   It was a perfect afternoon.

Eventually it was time to make our way home, a gentle meander through the fields.

A moment later and the light had gone and this is the view looking back across the fish pond to Dovecote Dell.

Well that certainly brightened my dull afternoon.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  1. As I said yesterday, I am so happy to have come across your blog. I love, love, love the lovely names of your area. Dovecote Dell... Little Bunting...

    And all your photos are lovely. But especially the last one. Oh mercy, you should print it out and frame it.

    I had the idea, that Village Greens were in the center of villages. With homes and buildings (like the village church, etc.) around them. Not so in your village though.

    Of course, all I know, of such, is what I have read in delightful British Cozy Mysteries.

    Here (upper NE of the US) we are in a warm spell, at least during the days. But that is a tease. We will return to Winter, before Spring really comes. That's just the way it is.

    Gentle hugs,
    Luna Crone

    1. Hello Luna, Sometimes it does me a power of good to take a trawl through my old photographs, remind myself of how joyful life can be when the sun shines and the mud dries up! Alas! we don't have a village church any longer. It was demolished by a naughty neighbour in about 1642. He used the stones on his own manor house across the fields. Poor man eventually lost his head at Tower Hill in 1660. I don't think the two events are connected. :)

  2. Ohhh, I just read your reply, to my yesterday's comment. About the fact that you make up the names, of your village and nearby!!! :-)

    Very wise!

    I don't like to give out too much information, on blogs. Which are on the world wide net. I know we can't really be anon, but why give out tooooo much, either.

    Thank you!!!

    And I still love your blog!!!

    Luna Crone

    1. Hello Luna, It was great fun making them up, but they had to be easy enough for me to remember without too much effort.
      So delighted that you enjoy the blog and my choice of names.

  3. What a wonderful picture of your village life. You tell it all so well with words and photos. Tea (and cricket?) on the green. So English. Don't let them turn it into allotments.

    1. Hello Linda, You must come and join us some time. Just remember to come well prepared, fleece and/or mackintosh at the ready - oh, and don't forget your Wellington boots. Just joking, the sun does shine and everywhere eventually warms up.


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