Thursday, 2 February 2017

Little Bunting Village Hall Committee

Cold, dark nights really do little for me, other than increase my desire to wrap myself up in cosy pyjamas, drink hot chocolate and sit beside a crackling log fire.    Last night I had to stir my stumps, though, no pj's or fireside for me.   It was the first Village Hall Committee meeting of the year.

I could have driven the car into the village but, given that we live a mere seven minute walk from the village hall, I decided to walk.    We live right on the outskirts of the village, no footpath, muddy verges, little in the way of streetlights.    The joys of a rural life!

I opted to wear my faithful Wellies and a warm coat plus a large, light-coloured scarf ('wear something light at night') I took my trusty torch and my courage out with me and marched along the lane.       I was lucky, only one car passed me and they were wonderfully courteous and slowed down to a safe speed, this is worth mentioning because it is a rare happening.    One of the local sports seems to be to get pedestrians, or at least to make them jump into the hedgerow or ditches.     You may think I jest, I really do not.

Six of us turned out and managed to find our way into the village hall - no mean feat given the lack of lighting.

There were long and rambling discussions about the electricity meter and the amount of electricity which various groups use, I almost lost the will to live.

Then we moved onto drawing up a programme of events for the coming year, should we have a big summer show (dare we not, given the protests at that idea last year!) could we enhance the experience, should we do this, would we have the man (woman!) power to do that...

Chatter, chatter, notes taken, opinions sought.   Decisions made.  Meeting finally declared over.

It looks like being a fabulous year for Little Bunting, Dovecot Dell and Butterbump Splash!

A vintage tractor/car show, a dog show, the Village Show, a summer BBQ and bonfire, as well as the November one and the Christmas Bazaar.....   phew!  

Can we do it?   Most definitely.   Watch this space.


  1. Go Little Bunting go. I'll be waiting with great anticipation to hear all of your village events. Great description. I could just imagine you wilting through the electricity ramblings-on.
    Dovecot-Dell and Butter bump Splash? The real English countryside!!

  2. Hi Linda, It is amazing just how long some people can drone on. I got caught out daydreaming, though. I was looking at the patterns cast on the ceiling when I realised that there was silence, the Treasurer had asked me a question... Oooops!

  3. I love your charming local place-names! I can't help but wonder about the origins of Butter Bump Splash. Do you know how that name came about?

    1. Hello Janice, Aah, well. Remember how my old Pear Tree Log Blogposts were stolen and I didn't post or blog anywhere for a while? Well, once I had got over my angst, I decided to change my blogging name to Felicity Parsons, change the names of my family members and the place we live. So Little Bunting came about because our tiny village hall was filled to overflowing with bunting and too much bunting became 'Little Bunting' - sorry, dreadfully dull, but true!
      Butterbump Splash is the neighbouring village where the old watermill is located (Splash) and the plant Butterburr grows along the road, I mixed the two thoughts about a bit and they became Butterbump Splash.. Similarly, the beautiful little village with the dovecote could really only be called 'Dovecot Dell' even though it is on what passes for a hill hereabouts. Have you seen Ian's latest post on shepherding the sheep along the canal? He is having a wonderful time on that gorgeous boat of his.

  4. Hi Elaine, thank you so much for visiting my blog and telling me about your experience with skin cancer. It's reassuring to read that yours was 20 years ago and no mention of any recurrence. I will be back to the doctors on Wednesday to check that everything is progressing as expected and that I won't need a skin graft. I'm looking forward to exploring your blog as I haven't run across it before. Janice

    1. Hello Janice,
      That particular area of skin cancer has not recurred, I am glad to say. I have had some others successfully treated at a much earlier stage. (I was about 8 or 9 when I got badly sunburned, which ties in with what you were saying).
      Best of luck for Wednesday!

  5. this has given me a warm glow inside... cannot wait!

    1. Hello Dom, There should be something to please most people. Phil and Maggie are being great sports and letting us use their barn and land again for the BBQ. The vintage vehicle show could be interesting and the dog show will probably be chaos, but fun. Needless to say, I won't be entering Toby Too!xx


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