Sunday, 7 February 2016

Chinese New Year Feast!

My lovely Chinese daughter-in-law, Poppy, has cooked up quite a feast to celebrate Chinese New Year.

A feast for the eyes - even the cat agrees, just as well he has very good table manners.

Lamb, pork, beef balls, tofu strips, spring onions, radish, potatoes, mushrooms, soy bean puff balls, bone soup, dipping sauces, peanut get the idea.

A magnificent feast, one for sharing with family and friends.

Centre stage of it all was the 'hot pot' which cooked the meat in ten seconds, so it really was a hot pot.

Everything was so beautifully prepared and served with love and happiness.

I hope that this time next year will see a feast such as this being prepared and shared at Cowslip Cottage.  Poppy and Miles are hoping to move back to England in the early autumn.

I can't begin to tell you how happy that makes us.   The whole family is excited about it.  Come to that, even the new neighbours are looking forward to meeting you both.   We'll be looking forward to some feasts and celebrations then, Poppy.

Miles you are a lucky man!

Max and I are off to the pub tonight - quiz night, a special one to raise funds for charity.  Wish us luck!

Love you,


  1. The feast looks absolutely delicious. Lovely news that your son and daughter-in-law are moving back to you in the Autumn. Bet you're so thrilled about it. Have fun at the quiz and good luck xx

    1. Hello Molly, The latest news is that they plan to come home in July, which means we had better get our skates on with the renovations! I wish we could invite you and your hubby over to one of those feasts, we would have a great time chatting and enjoying that lovely food.x

  2. Wow that feast looks fabulous hope you had fun at the quiz. Lovely news your son and daughter law will be returning home :-) dee x

    1. Hello Delia, She is a brilliant cook as well as being a lovely young woman. The quiz was fun but we didn't exactly cover ourselves in glory! Still, there is always the next one!


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