Sunday, 14 February 2016

Two Years!

Remember this?

The log store roof had taken a battering during a storm, the roofing felt needed to be replaced and you two decided to tackle the job, to save Max from having to climb up there on his less than limber limbs.

I'm glad to say that a few years on, and the roof is holding up well.  Your repair work was first class!   Alas! the log store has a decided tilt towards the shed in Owl Wood, but that is another matter.  ;-)

Today, as you celebrate your second wedding anniversary, remember that all your family back here are thinking of you.   We send you our love and look forward to sharing lots of...


Young Hector is very keen to try dumplings made by Poppy, he watches Kung Fu Panda...he eats a LOT of them.   Little Merry is rather more keen to share lots of rice dishes; she loves rice, hates pasta, adores rice.   Hector loves pasta, hates rice....

Miles, does that remind you of anything?   You, James, and Alice, perhaps?

Enjoy your special day - Valentine's Day and your second wedding anniversary.  Ooodles of love, Mum and Dad xxx



  1. gosh they are a handsome couple!

    happy valentines day!

    1. Hi Sol, Poppy and Miles really complement one another, they're a great team - which makes Max and I very happy.
      Happy Valentines day to you and Posh Boy.


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