Sunday, 14 February 2016

Litter Louts

Parsonage Cottage is just along this lane, hidden behind the hedge.  I walk along here at least once a day,  I know it pretty well after ten years.

Just lately the amount of discarded rubbish has increased quite dramatically.     You know the sort of thing, drinks cans, sandwich wrappers, etc.   Grrrrrrrrrrr to lazy people.  They just don't give a damn, but I do.

In order to make a proper job of picking it up I decided that I needed a litter picker gadget, so a couple of days ago I emailed a friend who is on the parish council, requesting that they purchase one for me.

Yesterday, it was delivered!   Talk about speedy.

Today, after walking Dobson, I decided to head back out and do a first proper clear-up.

There were countless drink cans, food cans, plastic bottles, chocolate wrappers, crisp packets galore, sandwich wrappers, fast food boxes, paper bags, dog poop bags (disgusting), children's drink cartons, cider bottles, beer cans, beer bottles, energy drink bottles, brandy and whisky bottles (multiple for each) and six vodka bottles..........

That all came from one short stretch of road!

The litter picker was great but it does have its limitations.   I also learnt a valuable lesson about not over-reaching, I found myself sliding down into the bottom of the ditch and quite unable to easily get out.   I tried and tried, hoping that no one would come driving along the lane and see how ridiculous I looked, and eventually I just had to go for a hands and feet scrabble.   Not elegant, but it did get me back on shore!

After half an hour, my bags were full and very heavy.   I struggled to get them back home.   They clinked and clacked so much that my son in law came out to see what was going on.

Two very large and heavy bags and the litter picker.      This litter picker staggered home for a wash and a large cup of coffee.

I wonder what the lane will be like tomorrow - and heaven help anyone I catch littering the place.


  1. Hi..o good for you for picking it all up..i do this outside my house..there are 3 of us that share the corner..we don't eat crisps or drink coke or eat macdonalds..yet every week there are at least a dozen empty packets ..i get so fluffing fed up of just looks a mess..i go out with a bag and gloves and my little litter picker and clean it up..thing is the neighbours see me doing it and don't bat an eye lid..i glare at them and say Bloody Crap..not even mine..thing is if i don't do it they won't..sodding tramps they are..sorry for that but this is my sore point..
    Wish i had the power to fine them..they would have no money
    Good for you and you give them hell if you catch them..

    1. Hello Sara, I'm with you on that one. I'm happy to say that the lane is still clean and tidy, which is little short of a miracle. I feel the same way about fast drivers who ignore the 30 mph sign, I often wish I had a 'stinger' - goodness would it get some use!


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