Saturday, 6 February 2016

Update on Cowslip Cottage

Poppy, Saturday afternoon in our nearest market town looks like this  -

deserted!   A bit different to Shanghai - do you think you could get used to such a quiet place?   Still, it meant we were able to park outside the Handyman Shop, no ticket required.

Meanwhile, down at Cowslip Cottage...

The plasterers have been at work.   This is the far end of the landing and the bathroom door, which I hope you are keeping.

This is the other landing window - tiny and so adorable, deeply inset, very cottagey.

I was trying to show you just how thick the walls are, how deep the windowsills - I should have put something on there to give you an idea of scale,  the sills are about a foot deep.

The living room is vast.   I know it looks smaller on this photograph but that's just down to the angle.    See how the windows have improved now that you've got the new lintels in place.    I didn't take a photograph of the dining room, but that is looking good, too.

This final photograph is to show you some of the wires which Max has been installing for you...spaghetti junction, each one labelled and tested.   The plasterers have been working in here, too.  The cloakroom has had a lot of work done, as has the area under the stairs.   They have done a huge amount of work, more to be done on Monday.

All systems go.

Mum & Dad


  1. the market place sums up winter in lincolnshire , though i have to say the Greyhound trust gets the best stuff in the winter

    1. Hi Kate, The Greyhound Trust shop is often a great hunting ground. I don't know why it always surprises me when I see the empty market square, but it does. It is a cute little town though, as long as you don't want to buy anything!


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