Sunday, 29 May 2016


'Happiness is not a thing you can cut off by the yard or measure in chunks.  It is a matter of moments when you suddenly know that this moment is special.  A few moments are enough for a long time.'
Reveries a Stillmeadow by Gladys Taber.

Darling Benedict
I used to love visiting him,.

I recently came across a disc with a file of photographs which I had labelled 'Happiness File'.  I was intrigued and had a browse.

A favourite autumnal tree in Owl Wood
The following day the wind came
and the golden leaves were gone.

Some are of my favourite people and animals, while others are simply moments of beauty which still make my heart sing.

Small dots of happiness, just a few of which I share here.

Spotting these three watching me as I cut
through the farmyard.

Working on Cowslip Cottage is hard work, but it is filled with moments of  happiness too.   The house is finally coming together, the dots are beginning to join up and we can see a beautiful and stylish home taking shape.

Six weeks!


This could well be your father and I after a morning of hard work!
Don't worry, the nap refreshes.
A very young Hector,  and old Toby,
several years ago

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