Monday, 23 May 2016

The Merry Month of May

This old body of mine is rebelling at the  hard work and long hours of renovating and decorating the old cottage in time for Miles and Poppy's return.   In just seven weeks' time they will be home and living in the place.  That thought certainly spurs me on to do more and try harder.

It must be more than eight months now, since they bought the place and I do sometimes wonder what on earth we have been doing all that time.   Then I trip across a folder of photographs like this one...

..and I remember the enormity of the job!

I love the month of May as all the verges and hedgerows suddenly burst forth in a froth of cow parsley, buttercups, daisies, speedwell, plantain, borage, dandelions and a whole host of seasonal delights.  The trees are clothed in fresh leaves and blossom falls like confetti in the breeze.  

Unfortunately the same rampant abandon is true of the gardens and I just don't have the spare time or energy to maintain them, other than a couple of hours spent mowing our own gardens and then again, of course, at Cowslip Cottage!    

At least the woodland looks fabulous although grandchildren, dogs, cats and hens get swallowed up by the cow parsley - it is over five foot high in some places.  They love it, of course, and so do I.

Weeds rule in my vegetable beds and the polytunnel sports just a few cucumber, tomato and courgette plants.    The strawberries are romping ahead, thriving on neglect.  The rhubarb is prolific and the Bramley apple tree has masses of blossom.  

We'll enjoy the basics and get back to our normal routines for next year.


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