Thursday, 26 May 2016

One Man Show - Aldridge Haddock

Strong colours, amorphous shapes, vigorous in execution are just a few ways to describe Aldridge Haddock's pantings.   They have also been described as 'distillations of his life experience'.  

His dates are 1921-1996.    He started his career in the R.A.F. where he became a fighter pilot during the Second World War.    I have written about him before, on my original blog, Pear Tree Log, just click on the link if you would like to read his story. Some time after his death a large number of his paintings were put up for auction.   I bought as many as I could afford, without being too greedy.

I have just pulled out a small selection to show you.

These paintings are extremely large.  Unfortunately my photographs don't show them to advantage and they don't show the textures within them.

The depth of colour in this one just doesn't show at all.

If you had read the background stories you will understand me when I say that I think this red one is probably telling something about the days when he was being interrogated and tortured.

Big, bold, wonderful with amazing colours within.

Again, fabulous colours, especially that blue.

From about 1963 Dr Aldridge Haddock had his work exhibited in  Paris, New York and Florida, as well as lots of London galleries.

Alas, his popularity has declined somewhat, but not with those who know his work and the story behind them.

Miles, Poppy,  you have huge wall spaces at Cowslip Cottage.  I think you could quite easily accommodate two or three Haddocks.   There are plenty more to choose from if nothing here takes your fancy.


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