Friday, 23 March 2018

An Owl Wood Tale

We won't be hearing the flutter of tiny owl wings this year.       Disappointing.  I still wonder whether there is something about the 'new' owl box that is putting them off.    The 'Owl Men' supplied it, so I guess they must know their stuff but the box which had been made by someone's father, many years ago, always got the right kind of tenants, Tawny Owls.       The Jackdaws have it this year, again.

I think perhaps we'll build an alternative one and see what happens next spring.

Meanwhile, in another part of Owl Wood, these two are test driving their Grandpa's latest creation.    It has a long way to go, lots more magic, to make it blend into the trees, is required.     It is a tree house and slide.   One way up and a slide down - a long slide, we can only see half of it here.

It is about seven or eight feet above the ground, high enough to be exciting, not so high that it will give me nightmares.

Strict rules apply...

These two love being outdoors, although they are as ready as any other children to become couch potatoes or electronic device demons. 

Luckily lighter evenings and slightly milder weather draws them outdoors to play, to kick footballs, bounce on their trampoline, play hockey, and so on.    This will be another bit of fun and adventure.


  1. Perhaps the Jackdaws just beat the Owls to the occupation of the owl box. We were given some little nest boxes that an old boy makes up in his spare time and hung them around the yard, hopefully last year, but no takers yet. Perhaps they smelt wrong or something. I shall watch out to see if our luck changes this year.

    Great slide btw!!

    1. I'm sure you are right. Jackdaws are very clever, I must admit I get great fun watching their antics and watching them watching me. I am easily entertained!! I hope you get some takers for your boxes, BB.

  2. What a wonderful addition to your woods! I love the slide - I would have loved this so much, when I was a child. We spent ever waking hour outside (when not in school, that is).

    1. That slide has been recycled a few times - much better than letting it go to landfill! It sounds like you had a very healthy and active childhood, Susan. So sad that many children miss out on this freedom and opportunities for outdoor play.

  3. Soooo wonderful!!!! "Catch" them, while young enough, to digest the joys of being outside. Before the evil tech demon fully flattens their minds.

    Wonderful Grandpa And wonderful Grandma, for not letting herself be too worried. :-)

    Our little boys and their friends, by themselves, built a "fort" in a big pine tree here. At that point, my husband was working all hours, so he was not available, to help them.

    They built it high. I probably should have been worried. But I never worried about the climbing son. And the younger son, noticed mistakes made by his older sibling, and didn't follow them. Anyway, they all survived and it was quite a building experience, for them.

    Sorry about the owls. Soooo sorrrry. Such a shame. Do you still have the remains of the old house? If so, your husband could copy it, and probably be successful.

    Wishing you luck! The Owl Wood should have owls!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ,-)

    1. Your boys must have had a brilliant childhood, Luna! It probably worked in their favour that you allowed them the freedom to build their own fort, what an adventure. I imagine they must have wonderful memories of that time.

      I do miss the owls, but I can't be cross about the jackdaws, they need a home too. At least I get to hear the owls calling at night so they are not far away. I must set my husband on a little building project - no remains but I do have plenty of photographs for him to follow.

  4. Well, I am still glad it is Owl Wood and not Jackdaws Wood. "If you build it they will come," so maybe next year... You do have the right idea about keeping the boys off the couch.

    1. Hello Chip, It is amazing how the nicest child can turn into a nightmare if they don't get out and into the fresh air! I live in hope that one of these years the owls will return.

  5. oh man, Elaine you take me on adventures of a lifetime.
    you're a gentle soul, to be amused by life's simple gifts.
    I love slides the higher the better, I'm 66, will climb up
    a 3 floor slide, I never feel such delight in anything as coming
    down the slide,
    I have been busy chasing my own tale - tail, have truly missed you.
    moved to Chicago in January.
    Spring is late here also.
    what a project your boys will have, and what fun,
    there is a tree outside my window, that would be perfect
    for a tree house, can I send a photo?
    I spend a lot of time on YouTube, whereas I should be
    reading here, eventually I will get more disciplined,
    with God's help of course.
    You do inspire me.

    1. Hello Nancy, How lovely to see you. You have really been busy. I hope Chicago life is suiting you? Life is good, especially if we take note of the small pleasures in life. I know you feel the same. I now have an image in my mind of you coming down a slide, with the biggest smile on your face. A lovely start to my day.

  6. Honestly, you guys are the BEST grandparents.

  7. OMG ..This owl nest is exciting ...I do hope that you will have owls nesting... they are such old mystical bird... and I love their haunting sound.... Spring is taking it’s sweet old time here ... but what a great outdoor project for the children... and what a good grandpa to still have the adventure and soul of playtime in his heart... now that’s what I call the joy of living ...FUN ... Super post...Hugs


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