Wednesday 10 April 2024

A Parish Council Meeting


  • Need for more adequate police protection.
  • More regular dustbin emptying required.
  • Road crossing problems near school.
  • Need for more trees to be planted.
Nothing special about these topics for discussion, except that the meeting in question took place in November 1952.

Once again proving the old saying 'the more things change, the more they stay the same'.

Yesterday, and the day before, I spent some time on my hands and knees clearing out some bookshelves.  Of course this process always takes much longer than it should simply because I can't resist having a quick read here and there!   

Taken in small doses, they make fascinating reading.

Meanwhile, in Owl Wood, the crab apple tree is coming into blossom.  The dark withered bits are the remains of crab apples from last year.

The apple trees are all coming into blossom.  There is one apple tree which I am really pleased about.  It is in Owl Wood, we didn't even spot it until a few years ago.  It had sprouted up among some of the towering ash and field maples, so it is exceptionally long and skinny as it has had to fight hard to reach the light.  Now that the roadside trees have been pollarded, the apple tree is finally getting a full quota of nourishing light.  It has blossom and (silly as this sounds) it looks much happier!

The pear tree, plum trees and cherry trees are all in blossom.  So far they have survived the strong winds, please don't let us have any frost.  No blossom yet on the quince trees.

Last weekend, I went to shop in beautiful Louth.  This is a very unlovely photograph of the Co-op car park, looking towards the church.

As I was dropping some shopping off at the car, I could hear a busker singing 'Scarborough Fair".  This particular busker has a regular pitch on Saturdays, but her beautiful voice doesn't often carry as far as the car park.  I debated whether to walk back into the shopping area to listen and drop her a few coins but, in the end, I decided to carry on and get the cat food from the supermarket instead.

As I came out of the shop, the sun broke through,  and the church bells began ringing.  

I was already happy but the combination of sunshine and church bells elevated my mood even further.  

A hotch-potch of Lincolnshire life.


  1. Lovely to see your spring blossoms.

    1. They are really delightful at the moment, Susan. Still waiting for our old Bramley apple tree to burst forth in blossom - fingers crossed!

  2. As I read the agenda I thought "They can't still be having problems with school children and cars!" Glad to read the agenda was from 1952.

    1. Unfortunately so, Joanne. Not in this village, we lost our school over a decade ago, but parking near schools is often a contentious are problems with refuse collection and, of course, the problems of inadequate and two-tier policing. These ordinary issues roll on.

  3. Too early for apple blossom here, but my pear tree is in full bloom (indeed, as they are all over the county). The crab apple trees I planted here are all VERY small still (little more than sticks) but have taken to their new home and I hope will show some blossom in the next couple of years.

    1. The old crab apple tree in Owl Wood was transplanted from an old cottage garden. It was unwanted and had been dug out, ready to dump - we offered it a new home, hoping that it would survive the change. That must have been over five years ago, it is thriving and very beautiful. Nature is amazing. May your 'little sticks' flourish, too! Sorry for the late response.


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