Friday, 17 July 2015

A Visit from James, Beth and Ben

The fridge and the larder are packed high with food and drink,  there are jugs of sweetpeas on windowsills and they are gently scenting the air with their slightly spicy perfume.

I have baked a huge chocolate cake, and the beds are made up with line-dried bed linen (I love that smell, no artificial fabric conditioner can compete)  and plumped-up the pillows...for our oldest son, James and his family are coming for the weekend.

It is a few weeks since we last saw them, so no doubt young Ben will have grown again, and will impress us with his outstanding intelligence and physical prowess, just as he will be impressed by his two older cousins, who are fizzing with excitement at having someone younger than themselves to boss around.   They will all have a wonderful time, so shall we.

Dobson, the dog,  will be thrilled to have so many people around, especially young people, he adores them.

Coco will not be impressed.   She will remove herself as far from the action as possible, until she feels hungry.

Coco likes to watch, she can disappear in a trice

and knows where all the best observation points are located.

She does not like visitors, not even those she has known for years.

Little Miss Pinkerton will take it all in her stride, she doesn't mind visitors, as long as she gets fed.

Even the hens will enjoy all the extra activity.

It should be a merry weekend!

Then on Monday, our youngest son, Miles, will be flying in to the local airport.   He will be staying with us for four weeks - can't wait to see him again.   Skype is marvellous, but nothing beats being able to give my children a good hug, and a slice of cake, as I listen to all their news.  

I only wish his wife, Poppy, was able to come with him - but not this time.

Poppy, we shall miss you, although I know that we shall talk every day. xxx

Please remember that all words and photographs are copyright to Felicity Parsons.  If you are reading this post anywhere else, then it has been stolen.

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