Thursday, 16 July 2015

Gravestones, Goats, and a Gravel Pit

The strawberries are abundant this year and exceptionally sweet.   The early ones always end up in the grandchildren!   It is the same with mangetout and peas, we bide our time and the plants soon begin to produce far more than even the greediest grandchild can manage.

Cucumbers, courgettes, spinach and salad leaves are all finding their way to the table and Max enjoyed the first tomato yesterday - it was growing in a wall basket, way above the eye line of the grandchildren, or he wouldn't have stood a chance!

The fruit garden is producing strawberries, blackcurrants, red gooseberries, redcurrants and  raspberries, the cherry tree is heavy with fruit.  The old Bramley apple tree looks promising, too.

Seasonal delights.

One delight, which is not seasonal, is the pleasure I get from walking.  

Little Bunting and the surrounding villages are criss-crossed with ancient pathways.

Little Bunting no longer has a church, it was dismantled by a neighbouring landowner in the mid-sixteen hundreds.   What does remain is the very peaceful churchyard.

A little further along the road is an old gravel pit, which has been turned into a fishing lake.  The years have softened and mellowed the site, it has become beautiful.     This sign has only recently appeared - very simple, rather attractive.  It will also be useful, for those occasions when a fisherman can't find the pond and asks us for directions!

From there I take a pathway which leads me between some cottages and through the village to another old track between some modern houses.   These cheeky chaps live in the paddocks to the rear.

There are also some very characterful sheep, a beautiful grey horse and a cheeky little Thelwell-style pony, which I'll show you some other time.

Through a few gates, over a couple of stiles, and this is what I see

Parsonage Cottage, on the far side of the barley field.
Almost time to kick off  my walking boots and have a cup of tea.

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