Friday, 31 July 2015

Cowslip Cottage Treasures

Work continues on Cowslip Cottage.   The layers are being gently stripped back revealing secrets, problems, small treasures of no great monetary value, but nice finds just the same.

My job is to strip off all the old wallpaper, a slow process for even the ceilings have been papered, you can imagine the horrors which lurk behind it.    Not being as young as I was, I find that the wallpaper stripper runs out of steam at more or less the same time as me, which is fortunate. ;)   Time for a tea-break, or lunch, or just time to wander around the gardens.  

I had more or less reached first break time when Miles found a silver thimble under the floorboards.   It was black, filled to the brim with dust and dirt, the hallmarks completely hidden under the black.    I pocketed it until I had time to look at it properly, then continued stripping the layers of wall paper.  

It is a tedious occupation, so I amused myself by pondering on who had bought it, who had lost it, were they sad or upset about it, is it possible that a mischievous puss-cat (I know two cats who regularly try to snatch my thimbles!) had played with it, dropped it to the floor where it rolled into the shadows and dust, there to remain hidden from sight for many possibilities, no hope of ever finding out.

It is tiny, definitely intended for someone with much smaller digits than I have - a perfect fit for Poppy's dainty hands.

Miles also found an old bible, a small wooden bowl, a stone jar and a wonderful piece of stone, which I'll show you another time (I forgot to photograph it).

The best I could come up with was this rather lovely mushroom.   It was about 7 inches tall, quite spectacular.

I still haven't found my macro lens, so this was the best I could do.

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