Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Mapping things out.

I'm finding it difficult to draw a map of Little Bunting.
My cartography skills are not really adequate,
but I have done my best.

The village is a peculiar shape,
because that is how it is.

In reality there are more houses than I show on my version,
I simply don't have the time to draw them all in.

None of this matters.
The general idea is there.

Little Bunting.

Parsonage Cottage is slightly off the page
for we are on the outskirts of the village
I ran out of room.

Perhaps I'll draw up another one of the farms
and cottages on the outskirts.
When I have more time.
Which won't be for a while
because life is hectic.

Please remember that all words and pictures are copyright to Felicity at Parsonage Cottage.
If you are reading these words anywhere else, then they have been stolen.

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