Sunday, 12 July 2015

Setting the Scene

Hello and welcome to my new blog.

Parsonage Cottage dates from around 1840 and lies on the outskirts of the village, Little Bunting.   I live here with my husband, Max.    We share the place with Dobson a rescue dog (who is wonderful, but does have some funny ways), cats Coco and Miss Pinkerton (murderers), and six assorted hens who provide us with much entertainment and marvellous eggs.

We are retired now, but life seems to get busier - although it could simply be that we are getting slower, so things pile up.    Whatever the reason, life is never dull and we are never bored.

Our children have all grown up and are happily married, we also have three delightful grandchildren.

So, the cast of characters:

Felicity, who has been married Max for almost 40 years.

Our children are:

Alice, who is married to Richard.  They have two children,  Hector and Merry.
James, married to  Beth.  They have a son, Ben.
Miles, married to Poppy.

Our dog is called Dobson.
The cats are Coco and Miss Pinkerton.

We live in Parsonage Cottage, Little Bunting.

Little Bunting is a tiny village of, perhaps, some 60 houses and farms.
The nearby villages/hamlets of Dovecote Dell and Butterbump Splash are smaller still.

This post, words, photographs, etc are all copyright.  If this post appears anywhere other than 'Felicity at Parsonage Cottage', then it has been stolen.


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