Thursday, 23 July 2015

The Flower Fairy and the Heroic Knights

Odd things are happening in the gardens of Parsonage Cottage.

This morning, while I was kneading bread dough,
I spotted this little flower fairy
darting in among the flower pots on the patio...
she was desperate to fill her bucket with flower petals,
as she wanted to make perfume.

I simply dead-headed a flew geraniums and roses
and the flower fairy soon had her bucket filled.


I guess some games go down through the ages,
I can well remember doing exactly the same thing
almost sixty years ago.

down at the gate to our little woodland...
I could see this pair of knights.
Their quest was to save the hens from the vicious fire-breathing dragon
who was hiding behind the hen house.

Judging by the noise,
that pesky dragon put up quite a fight.

I'm not sure that Lucy and the other girls were terribly grateful.

All this activity can only mean that
the school summer holidays have arrived!

This afternoon I took a quiet path to an old church

it crosses a fairly deep ravine, 
with a small river at the bottom.

...look to the left and this is the view.

The story of  what one naughty vicar got up to
will wait for another day.

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