Tuesday, 21 July 2015


Here at Parsonage Cottage we love to eat seasonally,
so home-grown vegetables,
and berries are on the menu now.

No mushrooms though.

This is a lovely stone one in the cottage garden.
Goodness knows how old it is,
it has been there for many years,
covered in moss and lichen
and quite large.

But I digress...

Last night we had a simple meal of home-made fishcakes,
roast cherry tomatoes and stir-fried courgettes, spring onions and mangetout.

We also had a side serving of that very seasonal treat,

We both love those wonderfully salty strands of green goodness.

Yes, it does take an awful lot of washing
to remove the sand,
it is well worth the effort!

I would love to say that we had visited a remote beach and picked it,
but that would be untrue.

I was shopping in Louth
and happened to notice that my favourite greengrocer's shop
had some on his outdoor stand.

Those wonderful fleshy strands are an annual treat.
If we are fortunate we may have them once more this year,
then the season will pass.

By next May we will be waiting in joyful anticipation
of our next dish of samphire.

The joy of seasonality.

Please remember that all words and photographs are copyright to Felicity Parsons.
If you are reading these words anywhere else then they have been stolen, or scraped.

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