Saturday, 28 November 2015

A 'Bad-Guy' Animal in the Owl Wood

Poor Miss Pinkerton was simply ambling through Owl Wood when something attacked her.

She screamed like a banshee as she tried to escape.

This photograph shows Dobson just before all hell broke loose, he was standing watch over his flock of hens, but had obviously heard the beginnings of the ruckus.

Normally a cowardly-custard, brave Dobson raced to her rescue and soon Miss Pinkerton and Coco (our cats) came racing back to me, through the wood.   They looked twice their normal size, with toilet-brush tails and their fur standing on end.

Dobson was silent.   Usually a rescue event is a good excuse for a bit of a bark, tell the intruder off and get some brownie points for seeing them off.   This time he worked silently and the intruder left.

When my hero re-appeared he went straight over to Miss Pinkerton and sniffed her all over,  checking to see how she was.

Blood dripped from a puncture to her ear and some tufts of hair had come out, but she was otherwise unmarked, although still very frightened.

When the grandchildren came home from school and nursery, they wanted to know what was wrong with Miss Pinkerton's ear, so we told them.

Merry listened, then said there must have been a "bad-guy animal in the wood".   She then went on to say that she would 'get a stick and kill that bad-guy animal'.   (She is only 3 and loves all our pets.   Grandpa and I had to hide our smiles as her schoolteacher mother helped her with the 'correct' response...   I prefer the simple, honest,  emotional response from Merry.   Naughty Gran.)

Miss Pinkerton seems to be content to hang around the gardens although I'm sure that will change in a day or two and she'll resume her usual patrols.  


  1. ahhhh... look at her! She looks so happy and healthy! It both breaks my heart and raises it up to see her so well and contented and I love you forever for taking her in... we just need to find that bad-guy!

    1. Hi Dom, She is definitely in the pink, despite the attack. We all love her to bits and are very happy to have her here with us - grateful that you told us about her.xx

  2. feral cat? Badger? What was it? Bless Merry, she will protect her people.

    1. Hi Sol, I'm not sure what it was, probably another cat from the village, luckily they don't often come visiting. Merry is such a stout-hearted little thing, strong opinions and strong bonds with all she loves. She was ready to go out into the dark wood to look for the bad-guy.

  3. I'm so impressed that Dobson defended her and then came back to check on her afterward. The loyalty and nobility of dogs never ceases to amaze me!

  4. Hello Ms Sparrow, Dobson has his funny ways and is incredibly jealous of cats who get fed on demand (who wouldn't be?) but it was nice to see him react that way. As I type Miss Pinkerton is lying right across both my wrists, purring like mad, she wants attnetion and is determined to get it.


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