Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Moments of Happiness

For the first time, in all the years I have been taking treats to him Benedict whinnied a greeting and came 'cantering' up to the fence to see me and to check my pockets for carrots and apples.

He doesn't normally move quickly, even for treats!

He was definitely happy to see me.

I am always happy to see him, but his greeting was special!

A pile of books waiting to be read.   These all came from charity shops and cost very little.

I was so happy to get the Stuart MacBride book as I'd resisted buying it when it was first published.   Hours and hours of reading pleasure ahead,  just in case we get snowed in this winter.  ;-)


Finding a spare hour in the day to work on this very colourful puff quilt which is destined to brighten a dark bedroom.    Those bright and gaudy, clashing colours settle down in the limited light and look just as I had hoped.

I have three quilts on the go at the moment - three very different ones - simply because I work better that way.   When I tire of this one I'll move back to one of the others.

Happy to be creative, happy to have choices, happy to have the time to work on them.   I need crafting and creating just as some people need baking, drinking, or shopping!

Of course there were many more moments of happiness -

  • walking the dog and feeling good
  • the pleasure of being able to breathe deeply without any pain in my chest (that pesky virus took a long time to leave)
  • crunching through the crispy autumnal leaves,
  • hearing a favourite song on the radio,
  • a spontaneous hug from a grandchild,
  • watching the hens run through the woodland towards me, clucking loudly as they hope for a treat
  • eating a lunchtime sandwich of hummus, hot peppers, rocket and radishes ...

Inconsequential things, but they all made me happy today.

Yesterday was a bad day, a sad day, as we learned that a good old friend is seriously ill.    The treatment options seem very harsh for someone in their 80's.     Difficult decisions.   A nightmare for him and his wife.

It would be totally unrealistic to expect to be happy all day, every day, but I think it is important to acknowledge these small moments of happiness.

I hope your day is filled with happiness.

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