Friday, 6 November 2015

Colour on a Damp & Gloomy Day

As a child I adored all animals, especially horses and so it continues to this day.    I have never had a horse of my own, but living almost next door to someone else's is almost as good!

So, after showering old Benedict with love and treats, I dragged myself away and back to the house, for I doubted that the housework fairy would have been at work in my absence.

The light was dismal and light rain was falling, yet my short walk home was filled with spectacular colours.    Yellow and gold seem to be featuring strongly this year, although when I turned to the right I saw these wonderfully red crab apples.

Most have dropped off onto the verge, so I gathered a pocketful and will try to get some crab apple trees established in our little woodland.

I couldn't resist popping them into this lovely berry bowl for a quick photo-shoot.   They look like luscious, plump cherries.

One corner of the garden is wearing a carpet of golden leaves which seemed to glow, the rain will soon dull the colour, but right now it is breathtaking.

The colour is a bit more subtle here, but still rather lovely, I love those twisty, gnarly branches, the creeping ivy.

Then we have these - autumnal colour, autumnal bounty.    Wonderful splashes of colour which really come to the fore when the light around them is dull.

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