Monday, 9 November 2015

I am Leading a Double Life and it comes so easily!

It is slightly worrying that this new persona of mine,
Felicity Parsons,
seems to be a cloak which I feel so comfortable in wearing.
Does this mean that I am a natural-born liar, a cheat, a fraudster?

Crumbs!  I hope not.
Dishonest, false and shallow people are a pet hate of mine.
I prefer people to be real, warts and all,
I cannot abide the superficial and the glib
the polished and 'perfect'.

So, why am I hiding behind Felicity
and pretending to live in a tiny village called Little Bunting
when my real name is ******
and I live in the tiny village of ******?

It all comes down to the reasons why I write a blog,
I do it because I enjoy it, a form of online diary
notes of things which are happening in my life.
I have family living far away,
who like to see the photographs
and catch up on events back home.
Ditto, friends.

All my previous blogs (and I have had a few) have been on the same lines
foolishly, I used my real name, etc.
Several years down the line,
blog scrapers came along and copied hundreds of my posts
re-posted them on their own fake blogs,
for whatever purpose.

I went through a protracted process of getting many of them taken down,
but Blogger seems less than enthusiastic about helping.
I abandoned my old blogs, put all my posts back into draft form,
so that I can still look back on them
after all,
 they still read back to me like a diary
of my life.

I was furious with the blog scrapers, vowed never to blog again...

Time passed and I found I missed the process.

I came up with the idea of using a different name,
for everyone and everything
and that is how it goes,
it makes me feel a little protected (an illusion, of course!).

So, what happens as I get even older
and, perhaps, begin to get confused...?

Will there come a point in my life where I call my husband 'Max' instead of ******?
The grandchildren by their new names of Hector and Merry?
Even the cats, the dog, the horse have fake names...
though I did draw the line at re-naming the six hens!

People could think I am going slightly mad, whereas I would simply be using their 
bloggy monikers - is that the same thing?

Oh dear, the complications!

Right, I'm heading off to feed ******   I mean Benedict...


  1. It's a shame you had to resort to this double life but you might as well embrace it. I much prefer that to never getting to read your charming blog posts again! Felicity--by any name--is still as sweet and fun to follow.

    1. Thank you, Ms Sparrow! I really do appreciate your kind words.

  2. I love the idea that you might wake up one day thinking you're Felicity! It's like the plot to a horror/sci-fi film! Your brother could write this!

    1. Perhaps he already has and his fiction is becoming my reality...aaagh!


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