Friday, 6 November 2015

Love at First Sight

A post for Poppy.

I took this photograph on the day Merry met Benedict for the first time.   She had never seen a horse before, but she was immediately fascinated.    Benedict was obviously delighted to meet her, becoming very quiet and gently snuffling on her little bare toes.  

Her first horse was second hand, passed down the line from her older brother, Hector.

A rocking horse, greatly enjoyed, but no competition with the real thing.

Here is Benedict in his winter coat, my favourite look - and below is his mid-season look.

They have some very serious conversations, once the treats have been enjoyed.

"Carrots, Benedict!"

Her confidence has grown and so has the bond between them.

The old horse leads a very quiet life these days.   His life would be very dull if he hadn't got this horse-mad little girl showering him with love and affection.

So there you go, Poppy.
A few snapshots of Merry.


  1. What a delightful post! It's nice that you darling granddaughter has a gentle horse in her life. I've always been a little afraid of horses since I was never exposed to them. Little Merry will have all these photos to remember old Benedict by.

    1. Ms Sparrow, she is growing up so quickly - she will start school in September! I have always loved horses and couldn't believe it when not one of my three has ever shown any interest in anything equine. I am delighted that Merry shares my enthusiasm. Unfortunately, Benedict's days here are numbered. Old Oscar can no longer care for him, so his son has 'made arrangements with his real owner'.


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