Saturday, 14 November 2015

Keeping the Home Fires Burning, Cowslip Cottage Update for Poppy and Miles

Max and I spent all morning down at Cowslip Cottage.    Max had some more wiring to put in before the builders can get on and do the rest of the work.   I assisted by holding wires, pulling wires, writing measurements down...dull stuff, but it meant that Max could achieve a lot more than if he were down there by himself.

During the really quiet times I wondered off into the gardens and made a start on sweeping the leaves - for there were drifts of them, three feet deep in places.

The colours were glorious and almost made the hard work seem worthwhile.

Here's the view over your back garden fence - the parkland looks just as delightful, although I do miss the cattle, they have been moved indoors for the winter.

So much colour, even in winter.     The couple who lived there for so long really did a marvellous job of planting the garden for all year round enjoyment.    By the way, Poppy, there are still some yellow poppies in bloom.

Even the tiny shed has a cascade of gold to decorate it.   Simple and beautiful.   The lovely fucshia is blooming strongly..

and I was really excited to find some winter flowering jasmine...

Back to the cottage.    We worked on the cabling, up ladders and down ladders, ditto stairs.   It is getting there.

 Today is very cold, a seeping, creeping damp cold, so now that the chimney sweep has been and cleared all the soot and birds nests out of the chimney we decided to have a small log fire.      It drew beautifully and definitely helped to keep the chill at bay.    I know the fireplace is coming out and a log burner going in the space, but I thought you may like to see what it looks like with a fire in your hearth.    

It is an old chestnut, but that room is going to be magnificent at Christmas times and delightful at all others.


Once we got home I had a quick cup of tea and then went along to feed my old friend, Benedict.   He loves those pony nuts...eyes closed in total enjoyment.

I also had a chat with old Oscar, he was busy outside (walking sticks propped against the wall) filling a bird feeder and trying to ensure that those pesky rats can't get in to steal the bird food.    Somehow, I think the rats will win, but he likes to keep pottering and to feel useful.

So, my darlings, your cottage is coming along wonderfully...did I tell you that I have painted the exterior in pink............;-O


  1. How utterly enchanting. What a beautiful place to call home

    1. Hi Cherie, It's an old cottage with a wonderful garden. The couple who used to live there won prizes for their beautifully kept garden and great planting schemes. That was a long time ago, but the gardens still reflect all the years of love and planning which went into them. Poppy hasn't seen the place yet, just my photographs so I hope I am managing to give her a sense of their beauty and the peace of the place.


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