Saturday, 13 January 2018

Cooking with Florence

Fund-raising events almost always call for bric-a-brac, books, toy donations.   As a member of the village hall committee, and a willing helper for other groups, I tend to gather bits and pieces such as unwanted gifts or unloved toys so that I have a small stock ready for the next worthy cause comes along.     

The doll in this photograph belonged to my granddaughter but she no longer wanted her.   Dolly sat in my sewing room for a few months, somehow or other managing  to avoid being donated...   

I hold my hand up, for some reason I really like her, decision made,  she is staying.

If nothing else, in lieu of a captive grandchild she makes an excellent photographic model.

The cookery book to the left of the photograph was published in 1932, the small yellow one about 2004.    Two remarkably similar images.     I can't find an acknowledgement that it was borrowed from the original book, which seems a shame.

Meanwhile, Florence is busy rolling out her pastry, I hope she has a light hand.

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