Friday, 17 June 2016

A Light Touch with Neighbours

We called in at Cowslip Cottage,  to check on a few things.  
I wandered out into the back garden and found this handsome chap.   Isn't he gorgeous?

He is very handsome, but I am truly glad that there is a stout stock fence between us.

This is one of the youngest in the field, full of curiosity about the strange woman on the other side of the fence.    When calves are in the field it pays to take great care, don't want to upset their mama's.   I have seen them in action and they can be very dangerous.

Back to the business of the day, we were checking on the lighting.     The wiring and fittings are completed, the work tested by the electrician - Max has done a good job.  Everything works beautifully, including your lovely wall lamps.   The bulbs are really interesting - can you see the zig-zag way they light up?   Beautiful.


I won't bore you with all the other lamps, but here are the living room ceiling lights

and your outside lamp - last one, I promise.

This afternoon I took a walk into our own village.   When I was at the meeting on Monday I fell into conversation with someone and learned that she has recently had an operation and is under orders not to walk her dog for another two months.     She has granddaughters who walk him at the weekend, but during the week he has to go without.    Not a great situation.

So I offered to walk him.    Here he is, a cheeky little character.    His nose got a real workout,  I think he enjoyed himself.   I know that I did.

Dobson was not amused, he gave me the third degree when I got home.
One Bonio biscuit and a walk along the lane soon distracted him.

Your boxes (travelling on a slow boat from China) are now in Portugal.     Modern technology is wonderful!   Such fun being able to track the ship and follow their progress.  It shouldn't be too long now until they are safely stowed in your house, ready for you to unpack.


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