Thursday, 23 June 2016

Walking with Bill

Despite having broken another toe (don't worry, I have 9 others) I am continuing to work on Cowslip Cottage and in my rest times I walk dogs - including Bill (above) who belongs to a friend - and Dobson, of course.  

Unfortunately, Dobson is a bit difficult with walks.   He is happy to walk around our local fields but can't handle going further afield, it stresses him.

So I was more than happy to offer to walk Bill when a friend was prevented from walking him due to ill health.  I have been able to take him off the beaten track, to the quiet places I used to walk my darling old dog, Toby.

Talk about interesting.   Since I have stopped walking these quiet places they seem to have become very overgrown.    In the photograph above, there should be a pathway mowed through this field.  The green is about 18 inches high, dense, difficult to walk through, especially for Bill with his short legs!

I used to trek across that field almost every day, the pathway was clearly marked.  These days most people just wouldn't know that it was a public right of way.  


  1. Bill, what a great name for a dog

    1. Hello Bill, It is his real name and always makes me smile when I use it because it was the 'nickname' for my old dog Toby, although i cannot for the life of me remember why we called him that. It's pretty good for humans, too.


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