Saturday, 11 June 2016

Saturday at Cowslip Cottage

Our journey  home from your cottage was not without incident, but more about that later.

Poppy, Miles, here are some of the photographs which I took today.   Your cottage is taking shape - although there will still be plenty for you to do yourselves!  Time is running away from us, we'll do as much as we can.

The first change is that your front lamp has been fitted, so has the doorbell.

Once we get the outside of the cottage painted in bright pink... it will all look splendid.  ;)

Step inside, most of the channel has now been filled, such a relief after all those months of having to remember to step across it, or twist an ankle.

Here is the first shot of your kitchen spotlights, three sets of three.  They look primed and ready for action.

Meanwhile, the floor tiles and adhesive are taking a bit of time to come off, but Max has been working on them today.

Out in the conservatory, the little hatch into the chimney is awaiting a coat of paint, as are the walls and ceiling.   I love that room!

Back into the living room, here are your wall lamps - they look really lovely in situ, as you can see.

Upstairs, in the bathroom, your mirror has been wired in - although it will be the middle of next week before the house is 'good to go'.

Sorry about that woman, she just wouldn't get out of shot!

I spent most of my time applying paint stripper (to the beautiful old bathroom door) and then sweeping and tidying.    It makes such a difference when all the detritus of the week is swept away and the house is clean and tidy again!

We made our way home around five o'clock, taking the route past the fruit farm.   On a grass verge opposite one of the farms we saw an elderly man who appeared to be lying on the grass, inspecting it quite closely...

We stopped, reversed, and got out to have a chat with him.

It seems that he had somehow just found himself down on the ground, although he couldn't remember feeling faint, dizzy, etc.  We sat him up, chatted a little, found his shoes and helped him on with them.  A little more chat, a few jokes, and then he felt well enough to cross the road to his house.   Just at that moment his son (a man in his fifties) appeared and seemed quite unsuprised!

We helped the older man home, settled him in his conservatory, told his son what we knew and then left them to it.

He is a lovely old man, has lived there since 1957 - and I hope he has a good long while left in him yet.  Yet another wonderful, old, local character.



  1. What a great name for a cottage

    1. Hi Bill, I confess that the cottage is really named after another flower - in the interests of discretion I decided to re-name it for blogging purposes. Once the cottage is completed, and my son and daughter in law are back home, I hope to be able to resume writing about some of my favourite old Lincolnshire churches - meanwhile, I shall continue to enjoy reading about the ones in your part of the country!


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