Saturday, 4 June 2016

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Poppy, Miles, your garden is definitely growing!   I need to get out there and mow both the lawns, tie back the daffodil leaves and do some weeding.   I have been so busy decorating the cottage that the gardens have been neglected for a week or two.

Still, all the hard work is paying off, it looks less like a building project and much more like a home-in-the-making.

This is down by your back gate, it is looking really beautiful.  A garden which was created with love and care by the old couple.    The first roses are blooming, they are yellow, the scent is a delight.

After a week of  dull skies, rain, and unseasonably cold weather the sun has finally come out and we have gone from freezing to very warm.   Hurrah!  What a difference the sunshine makes to everyone.

This little one has been helping Grandpa in the gardens.  When it cools down a little, I shall be out there mowing our own lawns, they are well overdue for cutting.

As I am writing this, Max and Richard are down at your cottage, they are dropping off a trailer load of furniture.   They will be back soon for another load... bed, dining table, sofa, leather armchairs, side tables, the large BBQ and some white goods.
It is a start!

Five weeks!
We are counting it as four weeks, with one week left blank to sort out snags
and finish off any loose ends.

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