Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Snapshots of Progress at Cowslip Cottage

Work continues apace at Cowslip Cottage, it has to, but there is still much to do.

The living room still awaits the electrical boxes and lights, Graham should be back on Friday to continue with them, skirting boards have to be fitted and then the carpet.    Although we have plonked the sofa in there, the covers and cushions still need to be fitted, that won't be done until just before you move in.   The leather armchairs are in the dining room, tucked away to the right.

Not so bad, so far?

Brace yourselves for a glimpse of the rest.

This is the view down the stairs and into the kitchen - the channel will be filled soon.

This is the front side of the landing.  Lots to do here but I am having to bide my time on the decorating until the  electrics have been done and the floorboards can go down.

I imagine 'Boy' will enjoy watching the world go by from that little window - although goodness knows he has plenty of choice!

Here you can see the bathroom floor - all sanded and ready for the flooring.   Max has put a lot of work and effort into that floor.   Once the flooring is down we can do the skirtings and have the bathroom fittings completed.

It is all about schedules and timing, but all the strands are coming together now.   Four weeks - plus one week to fix snags.   We can do it.

These two tiny bunnies were playing in the garden this morning.  Quite often there is a squirrel, too.    Very Beatrix Potter.


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