Tuesday, 7 June 2016

A Watermill and a Dovecote

Lincolnshire was bathed in sunshine today - it was hot and sunny and finally felt like summer.

I had been left at Parsonage Cottage, to wait for the delivery man - a rather large and heavy pack of sample floor tiles.  Delivery slot 10.30am-12.30pm,  I got the short straw and had to wait in for it.

By midday, I was free!    I abandoned housework, baking, ironing, etc and decided to take my camera and walk.

Just like the old days.

Down the lane, turn left, and this is what I saw.   The plants of the right are the enormous leaves of the Butterbur plant, bog rhubarb.   It was used in old medicine to treat the Bubonic plague.   These days I believe it is being used to alleviate migraines..

This wonderful old watermill is on the other side of the lane - an increasingly popular tourist attraction, deservedly.   Mike and Rebecca have worked hard to make it so.

A short walk up the hill and round the corner and these beauties were resting in the meadow, getting used to life outdoors.   The young ones were finding it difficult to stay awake in the hot sunshine, several of them had flaked out and were sleeping soundly.

Five or ten minutes later and this is the sight which greets me.   The beautiful dovecote is early 16th century single storey, octagonal and built in red brick.   It is a delightful landmark in the beautiful countryside around here.

I took a moment to stop by the church, whenever I pass this way I either mooch around the old gravestones, reading the inscriptions and saying the names of people long dead but today I popped into the church.   It is small, beautiful and very peaceful.  The whole church was scented beautifully by the simple vases of flowers on every windowsill.

Back down the hill, past the dovecote and on through the farmyard.   This is the dovecote as I looked back towards the tiny handful of houses which make up the village.

This is the path through a barley field which leads on to the 'main road' through our village.

Parsonage Cottage is away to the left, way off picture.

Home again, home again.  

I decided to knuckle down and do some work, so I got the lawnmower out and set to work.

Renovations as normal tomorrow!   I'll be painting the landing ceiling and bedroom 2's ceiling, then I will give the pillars in the livingroom their second coat.   No rest for the wicked.


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