Thursday, 28 July 2016

Little Bunting Village Show - Planning Meeting

The Little Bunting Village Hall Committee held their planning and job allocation meeting last night.

So much work allocated to so few, it is no wonder that those few become weary at wearing so many hats!

The show will go on and there should be little discernible difference for most people, though the organisers may all need two weeks in the sun afterwards.

Now we need the weather to cooperate, a fine and dry day would be wonderful, but we'll cope no matter what.   The Show will be fun and it will allow people to explore their secret, competitive side.  Much tea and cake will be consumed, there will be a lot of  merriment and good humour.

No doubt there will be the usual controversy over the cookery classes.   WI standards versus modern, cutting edge, cheffy stuff.   It all adds to the fun.

Little Bunting rarely has a 'Marrows at Dawn' episode, but in the past there have been some shocking moments in the baked goods department...

Sconegate was memorable, has gone down in village history and surely that can only be a good thing!

There are some fairly exciting new events being planned for the future, more of those as we get nearer the time.


  1. Love the word 'sconegate' just picturing Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump hurling stale scones at each other in their bid for the White House. Hope it all goes well, everyone having a great time and lots of sunshine x

    1. Hello Molly, Fantastic image - our Sconegate involved a tape measure! Some delectable scones were deemed far too large, by the judge, and were demoted, which meant that my scones won, amidst much muttering and grumbling. It is little controversies like this which make the event a success, in a funny kind of way - as I'm sure you know. I hope your veggies are doing well with that new irrigation system. x


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